Any PB150's, dead or alive

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Any PB150's, dead or alive

Postby Beags on Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:52 am

Hi Y'all, I did originally have a different iteration of this post in "Available" but have decided to put the parts that I do have to "good use". Do you have any Apple Powerbook 150's, dead or alive, in parts or whole, that are surplus to your requirements? I am basically finished with the PB520c build, just working on the last bits of software and an AAUI to RJ45 transceiver for internet and network, and am keen to start on my next laptop build. Back in the day I worked on many of these "beauties" and on a couple of occasions stripped them down to a shell to replace the logic board etc., and without fail booted first time once all back together. You can say what you like about the 150, IDE hard drive, no ADB port, etc. etc. but they have been many a people's cheap and affordable workhorse for years and years, and they just keep ticking! So, waddaya say, let me know either here or PM and we'll talk turkey!!!
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