Selling: Near-New DEC Venturis - Pentium,16MB,850MB-HDD,etc

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Selling: Near-New DEC Venturis - Pentium,16MB,850MB-HDD,etc

Postby nztdm on Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:57 am

Hello forum users! Just putting a couple things here for sale. Am having to part with some of my collection for financial reasons. Really hate to see 'em go! I hope to get back into collecting when more stable.

Am located in Palmerston North, but can courier via Fastway if desired.


My favorite item, is mostly due to its condition. It is near-new.
I'd let it go for $220.

This is the miniature version of the Digital Equipment Corporation: Venturis 5100 (from 1994 I believe). (3 expansion slots (1 x ISA, 1 x PCI, 1 x PCI/ISA)

Every part, cleaned inside and out of dust (including PSU). Everything operates fantastically!

Intel Pentium 100MHz
DEC Venturis 5000-series V2.0 Socket-5 Motherboard (SiS 5501/5502/5503 chipset)
16MB FPM DRAM (up to 128MB with 4x32MB modules (officially)) (72pin SIMMs)
16MB is made up by 8MB onboard, and 2 x 4MB FPM SIMMs. (Installing 128MB of SIMMs will disable the onboard 8MB)

850MB Quantum Trailblazer IDE HDD (Pri. Master) (stock HDD)
4GB Maxtor IDE HDD (Sec. Master)
Sony IDE CD-ROM Drive (Pri. Slave)
1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive

Creative AudioPCI 64 PCI Sound Card (with ISA SB-Pro Emulation)
NVIDIA (ALi) USB2.0 5-port PCI Card
Accton EN1650 ISA Ethernet Card (highly compatible NE2000 based)
S3 Trio64 PCI onboard VGA (with RAM upgraded to 2MB) (Supports alternate graphic modes such as MDA and Hercules.)

Original, undamaged case, with 100W quiet power supply.

RTC clock chip has been modified to take a standard CR2032 button cell on top (these old clock chips with built-in batteries are hard to find).
Includes new battery.

Windows 98 SE on the 850MB drive. 4GB drive for storage.
Original included DEC software, including master-diskette creation tool, which can make all the original diskettes for drivers, tutorials, MS-DOS, and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
Includes various system tools and DOS games on the storage drive, along with Win98SE install files.
Includes the system manual, and chipset manual on the storage drive.


All full size images here:


The second item is just an iMac G3 (DV, slot-load, 1GB SDRAM, 400MHz, 13GB, new battery, original mouse.)


All full size images here:
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