Terry Stewart's (Tezza's) Classic Computer Collection

Why do I collect this ancient hardware?

Not my collection BTW

I started collecting classic computers in October, 2007. A number of things are to blame for this...

  1. Earl Evan's Retrobits Podcast, which bought back lots of nostalgic memories.
  2. Finding and booting up an old Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P, which had been sitting at the bottom of a cupboard for about 20 years. Amazingly it still went!
  3. My engagement with fellow enthusiasts via the Vintage Computer Forum
  4. The large number of people that continue to visit my System-80 site (thanks for the support!)

All these served to stoke my on-going interest in the history of microcomputers. I felt the need to preserve some of that history not just in text and pictures, but as the real physical units themselves. Besides, it's great to actually OWN all those micros you used to drool over back in the 1980s!

My retirement-home residents can be viewed under the links above which are roughly in chronological order. I've deliberately tried to avoid simply listing the specs. The pages are NOT comprehensive fact sheets. That information can be found on many sites. Rather the notes are my own personal take on these particular models, together with a little about the particular individual units I have.

Some people collect just one type of vintage computer, others collect everything they can get their hands on. I haven't got the money, the forgiving spouse, or the room for that so my collection is limited to just those models I consider notable in some way. Those and a few other less-notable models that people have given me make up the collection. It is close to complete, but I'm still looking for a few others, notably a Compucolor computer or a Jupiter Ace.

If you enjoyed browsing this site, please drop me a note or add a comment on one of the pages. I love hearing from others interested in these old machines. Alternatively, if you have a vintage computing story to share, post it in the history section of the NZ Vintage Computer Forums.


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