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Multiple Items wanted - will trade for goodies

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:04 pm
by RonTurner
Here is my most wanted list, (It may be updated later) I dont expect anyone will want to just give up there goodies since you are collectors not disposers, but perhaps you would be interested in a trade, maybe there is an Apple item you are looking for ? trades must be realistically of similar value.

Im not interested in selling anything I have for cash (cash sales are strictly through TradeMe only) , but trades will be welcomed :D

* VZ200 motherboard, or a whole VZ200 even if a dog has chewed on it, to use in a project where im going to fit a full travel keyboard to the VZ200.

* Any VZ200 items

* VZ-300 & FDD

* VZ200 User Group Publications (even photo copies)

* C16 (can be C16 Mobo or just C16 CPU & Display chip etc) I have two and the both have black screen of death.

* Vic20 & Carts

* Jupiter Ace

* Oric

* Electron (or CPU) (in absolutely any outside condition but prefer working) I have an immaculate dead one.

* Dragon

* FD1

* Fountain Hobby Module Cartridge

* Floppy Drive for osborne luggable

* Multi-cart holders for Vic20 & C64

* 1541 - They are rubbish! I have many dead 1541, need a working one for a Dolphin DOS transplant

* Commodore User group publications.

* Action Replay

* Isepic

And much more, mainly Apple, Commodore, Sinclair, Dick Smith.

My collection prerequisites are Z80 or 6502 , Full Travel keyboard & 5.25 DD Floppy Disk Drive, with a few exceptions.

I loathe Zx81 door stoppers and anything with a membrane keyboard, so would not be interested in anything to do with one.

I don't send people untested items, I consider untested items to be dead items and consider them to have the value of dead items when trading. (testing means recent testing, not "was working 5 years ago" )

Terry has kindly offered to add me to the collectors list where you will find my cell number, im always open to discussing trades with others, or even try and help others if I can just call me, I have lots of items im not willing to trade (it may be like trying to get hold of a hoarders bottle tops) as you would expect but it doesn't hurt to ask, no offence will be taken. :D

Or if you have anything in any condition (maybe just parts) you want to donate to a good home, contact me. Maybe you have a broken Vic-20 thats of no use to yourself, but I could use the parts to refurbish another.

Re: Multiple Items wanted - will trade for goodies

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:44 pm
by SpidersWeb
I have a meatsacked (best description) C16 still here. Somes keys are missing but pretty sure MB / chips are in it - I'll go have a look.
Will be sold at market value, which is nothing, so free.

Edit: motherboard looks in fairly good condition, all chips there except for U2 (which I'm not sure needs to be populated?). PM me if you want it.

Re: Multiple Items wanted - will trade for goodies

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:25 pm
by RonTurner
LOL, it looks like it was stored with car axles and carbs !

so far I cleaned your mobo with IPA and installed it into mine, fitted my U2 into your mobo.

haven't powered it up yet, will edit this post with a result after I dig out my universal 9V PSU (which is reversable)

Im willing to bet heaps of these machines get powered up with reverse polarity !

I have two and was not able to get either one to run (swapping round U1 & U2 in different combinations) so hence this
time I decided to start with your Mobo, Im putting money a dead CPU in both mine. I have the original packaging, Tape deck
and software library, joysticks etc so such a waste that computer itself is no go, big fingers crossed :mrgreen:

Big thanks because even if it doesn't work, your mobo had better sockets than mine (after cleaning) believe it not !

Im hoping yours was good, but cannibalized for parts due to being run over by a car ?

Re: Multiple Items wanted - will trade for goodies

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:56 pm
by SpidersWeb
LOL! I have no idea. It was like that when it got given to me.
Also came along with an Atari 800XL (which I'm told worked) and a Commodore Plus/4 which Tez got working again with a little soldering - so fingers crossed.

With all those extras it'll work out to be a nice setup, glad it's of use to someone.