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Visual 200 Terminal / Parts

PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:46 am
by SpidersWeb
Happy to purchase for $$$ :

- Visual 200 reference - with circuit diagrams / repair information
- Visual 200 PCB and/or some original ROMs (working or non-working)
- Visual 200 CRT board (if known to be working)

I'm also interested in photos of the PCB from a working system - I need to be sure I'm not missing a Mask ROM.

I remember seeing a Visual 200 keyboard for sale, which I already have, but it made me wonder if there were other Visual 200 bits floating around in NZ. It is a pre-PC era setup that I'd really like to get running to it's almost former glory - ex Victoria Univiersty, which I know because it's burned in to the tube.

Mine is powering up, but failing it's self diagnostics.