Sinclair spectrum interfaces

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Sinclair spectrum interfaces

Postby mangasurfer on Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:22 am

looking for some interfaces for zx spectrum. any homemade always into. after a interface one. but would consider anything. also a multiface would be great. and if you have any dead or dying spectrum that you want gone pm me

thanks chris uber spectrum nerd

ps vega+ not looking to bad. may make me stop using my psp
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Re: Sinclair spectrum interfaces

Postby Beaglz on Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:55 pm

I am after similar and there doesn't appear to be a lot around at the moment in NZ. There are some items on Trade Me at the moment but they seem rather overpriced or at least more than what I am willing to pay.

Plenty available on but then the exchange rate and postage come into play. Occasional package with multiple items come up which could be worth while by selling off the extra components here.

I have several Spectrums (rubber keyboard and the '+' versions) along with Multiface 128 & Disciple Disc Interface - not having much luck getting the 360k floppy drive to format disk properly without errors no doubt due to the age of the media being used. Also got a SD-Card interface in from the UK recently but have yet to have a chance to look at it.

Also got a Vega + on order so hopefully it gains enough crowd funding for it to happen.

Can perhaps look at picking up an auction lot from the UK and split between us?
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