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Large AT case and 664/6128 bits wanted

PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:40 am
by SpidersWeb
I want to build a 486 server - ~19921/993 era - have all the parts, just nothing to put it in.
Looking for a large AT case, preferably with 4 or 5 bays (but still interested in 3 bay units), and with an older style look to it.
With or without power supply, happy to pay for it and shipping.

Also after a couple of 6128/664 bits:
- the cable that comes out of the back of a 6128/664 for the 12V DC hookup
- spare 3" drive, broken belt is not a problem

Or alternatively just a broken 6128 someone has lying on the ground (with the cable hanging out the back).
Don't want a broken 664, because then I'll try and fix it.