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Real AT case (286 era)

PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:48 pm
by SpidersWeb
I'm looking for a 1984-1987ish styled big AT case with or without the L shaped power supply.

I actually need cases for a lot of motherboards, but I'm specifically looking for a real AT case - I have a 1986 AMI 386 motherboard (yes motherboard, not just the BIOS!) with 64K cache that is full sized (like an IBM 5170 board) which runs great but needs a house.

In case I''m not making sense, here's a badly made MS Paint illustration of the type of case I'm looking for, where the motherboard expands right across under the power supply:


Just looking for a clone case, but will pay more for an IBM 5170 case (I have my 5170 motherboard a modified XT-clone case which could be reused for this 386 build).