Atari ST

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Atari ST

Postby kiwibrad on Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:11 pm

So I have this Atari 520 & 1040. I also have a hard drive and external drive. Challenge is I have no cables to connect them.

Hard drive appears to kick in but I have no idea what it does . . .

Anyone got spare cables to purchase?

According to this website:

"The DMA/Hard disk interface uses a very unusual and hard to find D-SUB 19 female connector."

Also [typically] on the floppy drive:

"As we will see the FD interface uses a very uncommon a hard to find DIN14 female connector. Most of the signals of this interface are connected to the Floppy disc controller chip (FDC) the Western Digital WD1772. Only few other signals are connected to the Sound circuit as shown in the parallel interface."

argh . . .
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