More IIgs's on trademe

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More IIgs's on trademe

Postby gavo on Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:46 pm

I'm sure you would have seen them but the links are: ... 203231.htm ... 202699.htm

I wonder if these (along with the other one from a few weeks back) came from a school. I am so tempted..... but feel I will have to resist.

The auction with the 2 IIgs's looks like it comes with a Colour Monitor IIe - Tez, that could solve all your problems (or maybe add to them, depends how you look at it I suppose). I actually wouldnt mind this lot because I could use the colour monitor with both my IIe and and the IIgs. Still, I suppose the colour on this monitor when connected to a GS wouldnt be as nice as the RGB monitor when displaying the GS high res modes.

I bet shipping across the ditch wouldnt be cheap either.

Nice tho.
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Re: More IIgs's on trademe

Postby tezza on Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:18 pm

Yea, seen those.

I am interested in one of the IIGS boxes but not the other stuff. I have written to the seller asking if it does not sell whether he would consider re-listing one of the CPU boxes alone (at a lower price). He hasn't answered yet.

If someone buys it and doesn't want a spare CPU box I'd certainly be interested if it's in good condition and works.

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