UK plugs and trade me

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UK plugs and trade me

Postby matsondawson on Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:57 pm

So I put an auction up for a non-working SNES with a UK plug on it, and trade me pulled it because it doesn't comply with "New Zealand Electricity laws" see ... 17786.aspx "Please refrain from listing these items on Trade Me. If you continue, further action will be taken."
So I read the pdf at this address and it says it applys to items newer than 1993, I email Trade Me telling them they are wrong and to put my auction back up, and I get not response, absolutely nothing.
They didn't even email me first to check, just crushed my auction.
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Re: UK plugs and trade me

Postby YetiSeti on Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:26 pm

Good spotting in your reading of the law. I think if you persist, you'll get a reply clarifying their position.

I wonder if you can list the items as "takes an European plug, but not included with the auction, but will throw one in", or "tm doesn't allow inclusion of the power cable, I have one, but can discuss after auction close". There's bound to be work arounds in the way you word the auction. I can't see tm taking on responsibility for verifying the age of an item, nor taking the word of someone listing.
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