Segas heading overseas (again)?

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Segas heading overseas (again)?

Postby YetiSeti on Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:29 am

I notice that the same person who purchased a Sega SC-3000 collection recently
Hi there, Would you take $120? if yes would be able to send to Greece at my expense? Thanks quantum180 (106 ) 6:13 pm, Mon 5 Mar

is making his move and bidding on the other boxed Sega Stuff at the moment no doubt to ship off to Greece :
Sega SC-3000H Personal Computer
Sega SC-7000 Super Control Station
Sega Sp-400 4 Colour Plotter

Bids on the Control Station and Plotter $265 and $225 respectively.

I get a feeling the last boxed Control Station went that way too. Boo & hiss ...
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Re: Segas heading overseas (again)?

Postby honestbob on Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:23 pm

Yeah, the prices went crazy on those auctions. I did my best to hang on to the sp 400 printer plotter for NZ but someone wanted it just a little more than me.

Shame. I really wanted to see what it could do and write a couple of demos for the sc3000 multicart. I didn't have one of those as a kid but they look like awesome little gadgets. Got to love a plotter that works with 10cm wide paper and dinky little ball points :)

I did manage to grab the programmers manual. Those notes are a great reference for hacking the sega so nice to have an original copy.
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