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Tandy 1000

Postby SpidersWeb on Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:05 am

A family member dropped this guy off late last night:
It's from this auction here: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... =705856015

Now when I bid on it, I made a few careful assumptions - it may not actually work, and because of the aftermarket screen - it was probably upgraded to VGA.
I was wrong on both accounts.

Apparently before taking it to the second hand shop, the owner had been using it up until a week beforehand (appears to be from a Church). The only fault I had was "Drive not ready" on the 720KB floppy drive and that went away by itself after a little usage. The display in that photo is a 14" Samsung CGA - it's display quality is on-pair with an IBM 5153, and other than some yellowing, looks new.

Overall this machine is in outstandingly good condition. The only thing I need to do, is check the battery (which is working fine as well). There isn't a scratch to be found anywhere, even the keyboard is spotless. It also came with a complete computer cover, for the machine/monitor and keyboard.

Very happy indeed, can't wait to get some Tandy capable software running. At the moment it's loaded with software suited for religious study - I'll archive these - whoever did the software installation/maintenance was very tidy, it's one of the cleanest setups I've seen. I have to really tip my cap to the people who kept this machine in such good condition and in use for so long!

Specs: 286 @ 8Mhz (but 8 bit data bus), Tandy colour and sound (PCjr compatible, step up from CGA and PC speaker) - has Mic and Headphone plugs too, 26Mb IDE compressed with SSTOR, 640KB conventional memory, Deskmate in ROM (although this is set to boot from disk at the moment), 2Mb Micro-Mainframe EMS board, 720KB 3.5" FDD, 1 Serial, 2 Tandy Joystick ports (compatible with TRS-80 I think?), 101 key enhanced Tandy keyboard, Tandy Deluxe Joystick. Came with the original manuals, including the manual for the screen. No disks.

I also have a Commodore PC-10 III on the way, but I'm 75% confident that's not going to work without some attention.
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