AC to AC adapters?

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Re: AC to AC adapters?

Postby kevman3d on Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:13 pm

I tried to buy some DIN's from Surplustronics - but they don't stock them, only 5-pin for MIDI... :(

I'm still waiting on my sister-in-law to drop off whatever she was given to bring back. My father-in-law said he'd built some circuitry to convert some old 10V DC transformer he had to provide 9V AC output that was 'bullet proof' (his words), and he said he had plenty of 5V adapters. No idea what he sent down, but she just complained it was 'really heavy' :?

Thanks for all those tips guys. Always nice to hear from some of the more-experienced electronic community here. :D
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