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Compaq Portable III hard drive repair

PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:23 pm
by glc
This compaq was tested a few years ago and the RTC battery was replaced.
I tested it a few weeks ago and the the compaq setup program saw the Type 2 HDD there but it wouldn't boot.
I could hear it spin up so it wasn't 'stiction'.
A dos floppy running fdisk didn't know it was there
There was just the flashing curser Image
so I pull the HDD apart and my suspicions are aroused where the head arm is positioned when the HDD is running
by moving the arm with a long thin object toward the edge of the disk, all of a sudden it comes up with the message 'Starting MS-DOS'.
Here's where the arm should be...
On closer inspection I notice a thin object that is underneath the actuator arm mechanism and I pull it out
Now it boots successfully with the HDD still in pieces
the foreign object inside the arm mechanism was a wafer of paint that had flaked off inside the housing
thats all it takes for your HDD to not work
Here is the compaq back together again, pity I can't easily fix the line on the screen

Now I have a couple of SLT/286's that have HDD problems as well, I'll get to these next I hope

have any of you have had any similar weird fixes for hard drives,?