C64 breadbin capacitor refresh and heatsink fitting

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C64 breadbin capacitor refresh and heatsink fitting

Postby mons2b on Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:38 pm

A few photos of a original C64 that I have replaced the capacitors on and fitted ex television and pc heat sinks on. The smaller caps I replaced with solid polymer units so they will never leak or dry out. The larger are good quality axial caps made by Illinois. I carefully lifted two fet/diode/regulators off the board and attached little tiny heatsinks to the back of them. I have not replaced the regulators at this stage though I have the parts to do so if I wish. With the PLA and Vic chip make sure not to use heat sinks much higher than 15mm as I found I couldn't close the top of the case with the large silver one you can see. I had to bend down the fins with my fingers and a pair of pliers. I had some concerns the heat sink paste/adhesive wasn't going to be strong enough but after a few minutes I couldnt remove the heatsinks if I wanted to! The chips just pulled out of their sockets if I tried.

2016-10-30 14.29.49.jpg
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2016-10-30 14.11.15.jpg
2016-10-30 14.11.15.jpg (971.93 KiB) Viewed 5407 times

2016-10-30 14.13.10.jpg
Polymer capacitor.
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