Useful 8-bit (& other) graphics cards info pages

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Useful 8-bit (& other) graphics cards info pages

Postby RdM on Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:43 pm

Searching the FCC ID for a few potentially mono graphics cards I have recently, I came across this great resource:
(apologies to those who may have seen it before)

And if you go up, you'll see 16bit cards, as well as outline diagrams & etc. for the 8-bit in that index.
Each entry links to a page with info, an outline drawing, and jumper or DIP sw settings.

I was able to identify a Diamond Flower, Inc MG-150. Yay! :D

Sadly though, not a couple of smaller cards, with jumpers and a combined parallel port.
(no FCC ID on either, but one a Protech 611s - might also be mono or combined mono/CGA)
Nor any data on a Unisys EGC2 OEM2UTMvSP, with DIPswitches and a combined serial port. (EGA & ?)

Also, this page: (ignore the very dodgy-looking "Page Is Unavailable Due To Site Maintenance, Please Visit Reserve Copy Page" redirection link at the top!) ... _interface


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Re: Useful 8-bit (& other) graphics cards info pages

Postby tezza on Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:46 pm

Yes, I'm familiar with the pages. Great resource!
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