OS9 needed

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OS9 needed

Postby Deigh on Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:17 am

I'm like my computers, long in tooth! I have been using a Powerbook 190 to drive my midi music setup

which provides rhythm backing for my guitar playing. My latest powerbook is dying and I've run out of

organ replacement parts so have decided to upgrade to G3, yes, I did say upgrade!

Now, I've got hold of a white G3 which has a couple of keys missing but those can easily be replaced.

What the main problem is that trying to set it up to accept a Yamaha UX16 interface, the whole

computer crashed. I managed to re-install the OSX 10.3.5 from discs supplied by the seller of the G3,

but I'm stumped trying to re-build the OS9 (Classic) which is essential to my Encore music program

and OMS. I have no discs and after several days searching have been unable to find anything workable

on the internet.

What I badly need is the loan or purchase of a OS9 installation disc, and am resorting to this forum to

try and locate one.

Can anyone help? :D
Deigh Davies
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Re: OS9 needed

Postby Gibsaw on Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:36 pm

Are they the proper restore disks for OSX 10.3.5?... I suggest you have a look here.

Start here...

Apple FAQ for OS9 Install under 10.2/10.3

Installation of OS9 after OSX

OS9 Clean install... I suspect this means a "clean" install after OS9 already installed.
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