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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:06 pm
by Carcenomy
So arjoll, I heard you got some pretty crap service at McDonalds the other morning? :)

Amazing how the circle of information works!

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:57 pm
by SpidersWeb
oooo do tell

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:10 pm
by arjoll
Carcenomy wrote:So arjoll, I heard you got some pretty crap service at McDonalds the other morning? :)

Yup rather extreme reaction to me putting a complaint on their wall! It kind-of got a life of its own. That reminds me, I've got a voicemail from the local manager, should really get around to calling them back!

SpidersWeb wrote:oooo do tell

It's all here - ... 8164868243

I'm a believer in letting businesses know about bad experiences - if they don't know they can't fix any issues - but I certainly didn't expect a bunch of teenage McDonalds workers to turn feral!

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:56 pm
by Carcenomy
That'd be Cherie I imagine. She's a reasonably nice lady most of the time, but hot damn... she wanted me to take a look at her laptop while she was at work. So I had to sit in the McCafe working on it while she was tearing into her staff for uniform violations and tardiness. Awkward!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:02 pm
by SpidersWeb
Ahhh nice.

I laid a complaint about the Johnsonville store a few months back.

Often orders would take forever because there wasn't enough staff - I tolerated it.
Went there on a Saturday, food all over the kitchen floor, one guy had a fry stuck to his shoe - I tolerated it.
The next day I went back, ordered a MegaMac combo (it's a BigMac with extra meat) but they didn't give me the free glass (they had in the past, because it's basically a BigMac which was in the list) so I asked politely - but I wasn't happy about his attitude towards it (I wasn't being an ass, I promise) and there was no way he was going to part with a glass (even though it costs like 20 cents to make probably). It was a bit bollocks because if I ordered a BigMac with extra meat I would've got it and had the same damn burger.

So I wrote in and complained about all of it. I got a call from the manager the next day, a written apology and a $20 voucher.
After that for quite a while the store was much better staffed, clean, and annoying customer service guy was no where near the tills anymore.

The franchise owners / managers freak out when McD HQ gets a serious complaint - so it's actually worth the time to have a good old rant :) I just used their website, so didn't have any dramas with crybaby teenagers.