Usenet in New Zealand

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Usenet in New Zealand

Postby Avon on Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:13 pm

Hi all,

A quick note to say I am working on a estalishing a Usenet news server to establish a NNTP presence in New Zealand again.

It's being run as a hobby and will offer text only based newsgroups.

Point your news reader to port 119 for read only access the NZ.* news groups.

The are a few local newsgroups you can post to as well. At the moment I am working on setting up authenticated access and with it the ability for users to post to newsgroups as well.

The server stats are on display if you point your web browser to the same URL mentioned above.

Feel free to email me or ask questions here.. I could use a few folks to help test the setup etc.

Best, Paul
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