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Disk-Part problem

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Disk-Part problem

by LS120 » Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:01 pm

hi guys just a question ... i seem to have got an issue with 3 pc's 1 x XP, 1 x Vista & 1 x win-7.

the problem is that the other day i could use DiskPart to setup a 1.3gb hdd for use on an amiga but as of today i cant..

using DiskPart on any of the pc's starts ok, finds the hdd's ok

i can select the hdd and clean it ok but when i goto details the hdd it errors and reboots the DiskPart.

all 3 do this and not just the 1.3 gig hdd but also 2 x 20gig and a 30gig all do the same.

any ideas...

P.S. i am using a usb to 2.5" ide caddy..


OK so it turned out it was a buggered USB to IDE case unit.. so far so good

some thing to keep an eye out for..
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