looking for TRS-80 games

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looking for TRS-80 games

Postby rui.bastos on Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:41 pm

Hi, everyone!

This is Rui from Brazil. I'm looking for TRS-80 games (in Basic or CMDs).

I used to have a TRS-80 clone (more than 30 years ago...) and I'm now having some fun reviving the old things that were possible on that machine. My kid (14) loves games (PC+PS3) and he was quite amazed by the kind of games we used to play. He and I found a TRS-80 emulator and have been digging old games in Basic from magazines for trying in the emulator. It all started with a game I wrote when I was 17 and ended up published on a Brazilian magazine. We got it to work on the emulator and had a lot of fun playing it with his friends. The kid uploaded a video to his youtube channel---look for Kasklin in http://www.youtube.com/TheShieldBR.

So, I'm looking for those old Basic (or CMD) games that made the TRS-80 so illuminating to our generation. Any references to where I may find those games?

Best regards.
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Re: looking for TRS-80 games

Postby kevman3d on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:54 pm

rui.bastos wrote:So, I'm looking for those old Basic (or CMD) games that made the TRS-80 so illuminating to our generation. Any references to where I may find those games?

Hi Rui...

Today's kids enjoying old computer games?! What is your secret - I'm forever having my students smirk at the thought of any game that's not some immersive 3D first person shooter. lol! :lol: Since you're using an emulator, I'd suggest searching google for online archives. There's bound to be many. I did a quick google, and here's a few pretty interesting sites worth checking out...

Large collection of things - magazines, flyers, emulators, etc.

This site has a large archive of .BAS and other files - the links are on the left side of the web page.

Another archive...

Another software archive

So there's a few - good luck! I've never owned a TRS80, but its great to be able to share the nostalgia from 30 years back with kids who never lived in the era before the internet, GB processors or the need to program a computer. Those good old days are part of computer gaming history... :D
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Re: looking for TRS-80 games

Postby tezza on Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:52 am

And yet another archive of TRS-80 Model 1 software. You can extract separate .bas and .cmd files off the disk images with Matthew Reed's TRS-Tools (Google it).
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