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Those crazy eBayer's and their expensive SNES carts... :)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:44 pm
by kevman3d
Sometimes trawling eBay, you see some crazy stuff when it comes to prices... I bought a few bits to complete the SNES console I have here (it was just the console - now I have all the cables, controllers, PSU (thanks to chinese 3rd party clones) plus a cartridge to test it with). I think I spent in total around $50 on all pieces - which isn't bad...


Sealed, new copy of SNES "Super Punch Out" - a whopping NZ$1682 - and he also had a $30 shipping charge slapped on top... Crazy so I thought expecting nobody to be crazy enough to think that was worth that amount of money, then I look tonight - and its sold.

I looked at the other stuff he was listing - a small handful of cartridges, and all in the $1000+ price bracket listed as 'new, unopened'. I scratch my head wondering just how rare that must be (there's plenty of copies on eBay that are less then $50) or whether someone's just got way too much money to spend. :roll: