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"New" RAM Mk2 JS Interface - it just looked too small...

PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:08 pm
by kevman3d
I just got this from Malta - a brand new 'old stock' RAM Joystick Interface. Crisp, black plastic with absolutely no wear, tear or fading at all (including the metal contacts). Very shiny indeed! I bought it because it was very cheap (I think in total with shipping it was less then NZ$20) and I like the fact its still "new" so its likely to stay in the box rather then be used. :roll:

The reason I thought I'd post these piccies up is purely on the fact it looks so tiny. I placed it in the palm of my hand just to show the scale.


They definitely went with keeping things cheap when it comes to packaging - absolutely no styrofoam - its the device, a tiny slip of paper with instructions and the cardboard box which is literally the exact size of the unit. However when it arrived in the mail, it was vastly over-wrapped and took forever to get out - I can imagine it it wasn't, with no foam it would easily have been crushed. :D


Its funny how tiny things were back then - here's photographic proof - lol! :lol: