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8088-on-a-card telephony thing

PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:49 pm
by xjas
^^ big pic! Right click to open.

Is this useful to anyone here? It's a voice telephone recording interface. I was going to put it on trademe until I noticed it seems to be a complete 8088 PC on a card along with an I/O system. (At least, it has a CPU, IRQ controller, some sort of BIOS and presumably some RAM?)

I honestly have no idea if it is useable as a computer on its own or what else could be done with it. Despite being an 8-bit ISA card it appears to date to around 1999. Documentation can be found here; there's a little more floating around if you google the model number.

Don't know what it's worth. Trades are welcome.