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free case etc for cm8833 monitor ,pick up

Please post details of what you have to sell, swap or to give away

free case etc for cm8833 monitor ,pick up

by RonTurner » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:18 am

Mint case, no tube ,has power supply ,speakers and board that plugs
onto tube, failed LOPT purchased off trade me, had whistle sound coming
out of it, failed completely after 30 minutes, big waste of money.

It used to go,untested lost the cables, as is, haha

May now be useful for someone local who has a damaged case, a yellowed
case, needs a knob or the video board, or will be dumped and its cubic space
will be filled with something that works.

Scheduled to be dumped in two weeks time, takes up space and reminds
me of the $70 wasted on it ,so if no one takes it ,will be dumped, so long
waste of money monitor.... It was a good 30 minutes ,R.I.p rubbish monitor.

No reserve $0.0 , local please.
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