commodore: 1541-II fdd, MPS 1230 printer, C64C main unit.

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commodore: 1541-II fdd, MPS 1230 printer, C64C main unit.

Postby Matt on Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:22 pm

1541-II fdd:

Has power supply.
Warranty seal intact.
Cardboard placeholder in drive.
Obviously been in one place for a while because when I moved the arm to the open position the plastic underneath it was white in contrast to the rest which is yellowish.
When I turn it on the power and drive leds light up, it spins briefly then goes quiet and the drive led goes off.
I don't have disks or a working c64 to do any further testing.

MPS 1230 printer:

Haven't even wiped the crud off the outside of this yet but when I turn it on stuff happens consistent with what I might expect if it was working properly. Again I don't have a computer to connect it to for further testing.

C64C main unit:

When I turn it on nothing happens. Could be the power supply I suppose but for some reason I feel it is probably the computer itself. These items came from under a billiard table: dust, humidity, ...

Also cables:

Male rca to male RF.

Big round (din?) 6 pin male to same at other end. There's no pin in the top centre position or it would mirror horizontally as well as vertically. This was sticking out of the printer. Does it work for connecting the fdd to the computer as well?

None of my stuff goes on tm. Either it stays with me or goes to others here who can help with my apple2 wishlist.
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