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Postby Matt on Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:35 pm

vic 20 serial number UKB160605 made in england.

Purchased 6/1/1984 at Wilson Neill ltd George St Dunedin (from warranty card).

Condition is average only. Guy I got it off says it loads to a basic prompt but when you try to type anything in you get a garbled mess on the screen. Tomorrow I'm going to the tip shop for an old tv so I can see this myself. All I can say now is that the light comes on.

The power supply looks newer than the computer to me though I could easily be wrong about this. The power supply is part no. 251052-08. It's black with a sloping front. The cables are attached on either side.

Other stuff with it:

C2N datasette unit model 1530 in box.

RF modulator.

vic-1924 omega race
vic-1919 sargon II chess
vic-1901 avenger

Tapes without cases:
time tunnel
snakman distributed by viscount electronics box 513 Palmerston North

Case without tape:

vic 20 vital information
how to connect your vic
price list september 1983
a real computer for the price of a toy

As usual trade for apple gear.
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