P4 laptop (Dell Inspiron 4150)

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P4 laptop (Dell Inspiron 4150)

Postby xjas on Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:22 pm

Anyone want this thing? Just thought I'd offer it here first before it goes on Trademe. It's a great semi-modern system for interfacing with old gear.


Dell Inspiron 4150 - circa 2003 "vintage"
Pentium 4/2000 - 1GB DDR
ATI Radeon 32MB

Built-in modem(!), ethernet, and wifi (installed in the internal mini-PCI slot).

Whole suite of legacy ports including DB9 serial, DB25 parallel, VGA, composite/S-video, audio in/out, 2xPCMCIA, PS/2 keyboard & mouse, and one single USB 1.1 port. Can also connect to a docking station.

Comes with:
40GB HDD with DOS + Linux installed (there are a bunch of DOS games and stuff on there that I will leave intact)
20GB HDD with Solaris 10
60GB HDD in unknown condition
Dell External floppy - connects to the parallel port but acts as if it's on the standard floppy bus (no drivers needed, even for DOS) - can also be installed internally
DVD +/- RW drive - scavenged from a different model of Dell so the colour doesn't match and the faceplate isn't flush, but it works/fits fine (and is mounted securely)

There's no sound card support under DOS, but the PC speaker works fine. :p You could also build a classic parallel port DAC which is what I was going to do but never got around to. The system battery doesn't charge anymore but it runs with the AC adapter.

You can also get an *internal zip drive* for this model if you are like me and think that might be a good idea for some reason. (They are pretty common on Ebay.)

I will probably start at $40 on Trademe, but if a forum member here wants to make me a reasonable offer it's yours.

Edit: I could also install AmigaOS (well, AROS / IcarOS) or (ick!) winxp if you like. :)
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