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DMP 52 MP Plotter

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:23 pm
by tezza
Hi, this arrived in my mailbox. Bill has asked for to post it on the forums. Please contact Bill via phone or email if interested...

Hi Terry
I am an owner of an old Houston Instrument DMP 52 MP Plotter which is available to anyone of your members if they want it.

Included is a hardcopy of the Operation Manual and a few pens.(various colours) which by now are probably dried up.

Could you please notify your members that it is available and if someone would like they can contact me either by email or text

The Plotter was working when I last used it several years ago and since then has been stored in a my shed (dry).

I am currently having a clean-up and it seems a shame to dump it as it may be quite rare here in NZ.


Bill Butterfield
Tel: 09 849 3764
Mob: 021 247 0270