Various items need a good home by the end of November!

Please post details of what you have to sell, swap or to give away

Various items need a good home by the end of November!

Postby xjas on Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:05 pm

Hey guys, as my date of impending doom is approaching I have some stuff to get rid of before I leave. Everything must be collected before 30th Nov. from Mt. Eden, Auckland. Can possibly deliver in-town. LMK ASAP if interested, can also call/text me on 021 235 4493 (Jay) as I'm pretty busy and don't have much time for forum-ing at the moment.

Things I don't want any money for:

Box of hacker stuff:
Basically everything that I've collected for projects that I'm not using and don't want to ship. A lot of misc. cables, floppy drives, some Dell speakers, ATX power supplies, some PCI cards (including a few really nice SCSI cards - couple Adaptec and a matched pair of HP RAID cards with 32MB cache each), a couple keyboards (1 USB, 1 AT), and a bunch of PCBs that I was intending to harvest the components out of. More will be thrown in the box as I find it.

CRT monitor - Dell 15"
LCD monitor - Compaq 1720, 4x3 (1280x1024 native res), has both VGA & DVI inputs selectable from the front panel
Dell D420/D430/D630/etc. docking station PD01X - adds a convenient PCI slot and extra drive bay to your laptop

3xCAT-5 cable spools (empty) - I am using them as speaker stands as seen here. I do have the internal roller assembies if you want those.

Various tools - a couple hacksaws, an electric screwdriver, a probably-dead soldering iron, whatever else I can find. Maybe some nail & screw packs too.

Things I want some amount of money for:

250MB internal IDE Zip drive: $5
Really nice set of Yamaha vintage monitor speakers (if you're a regular here and you want these I will give you a 10% discount off the price on Trademe)
Another set of small project speakers (forum members can have them for the $5 reserve if you hit the buy-now)

Single-board PC (Advantech PCA-6751) and compact 6-ISA-slot backplane (PCA-6106-B). P266MMX on Intel 430TX board with 32MB RAM, onboard video. I paid $70 for the PC board and $55 for the backplane (bought new from Advantech). I am asking $100 which is a huge amount of money for a P-MMX but it's really not worth it to me to let it go for less :(

Pics: system board, backplane (note: case not included, but I do have a power supply, floppy drive & cable I can give you)

This setup is really compact! You can make a nice little fan-less, silent PC that will fit in a lunchbox with an external power supply, which is what I was planning to do.

Will happily throw in anything above (except the Yamaha speakers) if you want the Advantech stuff. Can maybe ship.

29 piece socket & screwdriver kit - $10
Brand-new hammer - $5

Things that are completely off-topic for this forum but would really help me out if I found a buyer for:

Amazingly stylish vintage leather armchairs & ottoman (blue w/dark cherry wood) - $75

1997 Mitsubishi FTO - awesome little sports car in really nice shape, current rego & WOF. Just in case someone is interested. Asking $2200~ish (and I will happily entertain offers starting with a 1), PM for details. ;)
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Re: Various items need a good home by the end of November!

Postby Gibsaw on Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:10 am

I'm interested in the monitors... Sent PM.
"dsakey" on trademe. Apple II's are my thing.
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