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Compaq LTE 286 (1.6MB, 21MB, CGA, new floppy belt)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:24 pm
by AlexC
I bought this last year and the floppy drive belt had turned to liquorice. Replaced it with a new one, replaced the CMOS/RTC battery too. Got the Compaq setup floppy, configured the machine, put some games and applications on it.

Here's the spec:

* Processor: LTE 286: 12 MHz Intel 80C286
* Memory: 640 KB RAM base, additional 1-4 MB using proprietary memory cards [mine has additional 1MB plug-in card, so 1.6MB in total]
* Hard disk: LTE / 286: 40 MB HD, <29 ms seek time [mine's 21MB]
* Floppy disk drive: 1.44 MB floppy drive
* Video adapter: Backlit grayscale CGA 640 x 200 display (80/40 x 25 lines, 4 shades of gray) with separate CGA video output
* Modem: Internal 2400 bit/s Hayes

Running the original Compaq/MS-DOS 3.31.

It's in perfect cosmetic condition, and Norton Calibrate with pattern testing shows no bad sectors at all on the hard drive. The battery even holds a charge, though only enough for about 20 minutes.

It was working perfectly until this morning, when the screen started flickering occasionally and then died. The laptop itself still works fine and there is a CGA port at the back, so this could still be used as a 286 desktop with CGA and 1.44MB floppy drive.

Or the buyer could fix the screen. Seems from here that it's a capacitor issue: I'd do that myself, but I have too many machines and this was on my 'to sell' list anyway.

Some rather large photos here: [Edit: photos removed as I'm probably going to keep this and fix it myself.]

Offers via PM please.

Edit: Location Featherston, about an hour from Wellington. Happy to post it at buyer's expense. It'll be well packaged with the hard drive parked. Or I can drop it off in Wellington CBD during the week.