Old Computer programming textbooks from the 80s and 90s

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Old Computer programming textbooks from the 80s and 90s

Postby Coolio on Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:00 am

Hi, I have a lot of old computer programming textbooks for sale, if anyone is interested.

Computer Graphics using OpenGL, 2nd Ed. (hardcover)
by F. S. Hill, Jr.
-Pub. 2001 by Prentice Hall.

Programming and Customizing the 8051 Microcontroller
by Myke Predko
-Pub. 1999 by McGraw-Hill.

Structured Computer Organization, 4th Ed. (hardcover)
by Andrew S. Tanenbaum
-Pub. 1999 by Prentice Hall.

Visual BASIC 5 How-To
by Eric Brierley, Paul Sanna, & Anthony Prince
-Pub. 1998 by Waite Group Press.

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C, 2nd Ed. (hardcover)
by Mark Allen Weiss
-Pub. 1997 by Addison-Wesley.

Machine Learning
by Tom M. Mitchell
-Pub. 1997 by McGraw-Hill.

Computer Networks, 3rd Ed.
by Andrew S. Tanenbaum
-Pub. 1996 by Prentice Hall.

Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis with C++ (hardcover)
by George J. Pothering & Thomas L. Naps
-Pub. 1995 by West Publishing Co.

Borland C++ Handbook, 4th Ed.
by Chris H. Pappas & William H. Murray
-Pub. 1994 by McGraw-Hill.

Microchip Embedded Control Handbook 1994 / 95
by Microchip
-Pub. 1994 by Microchip Technology.

PC Architecture and Assembly Language, 4th Ed.
by Barry Kauler
-Pub. 1993 by Karda Prints.

Digital Systems - Principles and Applications, 5th Ed.
by Ronald J. Tocci
-Pub. 1991 by Prentice Hall.

IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming, 2nd Ed. (hardcover)
by Peter Abel
-Pub. 1991 by Prentice Hall.

Microprocessors - Principles and Applications
by Charles M. Gilmore
-Pub. 1989 by McGraw-Hill.

Learn C Now
by Augie Hansen
-Pub. 1988 by Microsoft Press.

Pascal for Students, 2nd Ed. (x2)
by R. Kemp
-Pub. 1987 by Edward Arnold.

Using Assembly Language
by Allen L. Wyatt
-Pub. 1987 by Que.

Assembly Language Interfacing in Turbo Pascal (x2)
by Sanjiva Nath
-Pub. 1987 by Management Information Source.

Schaum's Outlines - Theory and Problems of Programming with Advanced Structured COBOL
by Lawrence R. Newcomer
-Pub. 1987 by McGraw-Hill.

Microprocessors and Interfacing - Programming and Hardware
by Douglas V. Hall
-Pub. 1986 by McGraw-Hill.

68000 Machine Code Programming
by David Barrow
-Pub. 1985 by Collins.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, 2nd Ed.
by Philip C. Jackson, Jr.
-Pub. 1985 by Dover Publications.

Mastering COBOL Programming
by R. Hutty
-Pub. 1983 by Macmillan Education.

Personal Computing on the VIC-20 - A Friendly Computer Guide
by Commodore
-Pub. 1981 by Commodore International.

6502 Assembly Language Programming
by Lance A. Leventhal
-Pub. 1979 by McGraw-Hill.

Discovering BASIC - A Problem Solving Approach
by Robert E. Smith
-Pub. 1970 by Hayden Book Co.

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