Big Mac haul available in Auckland for pick up

Please post details of what you have to sell, swap or to give away

Big Mac haul available in Auckland for pick up

Postby YetiSeti on Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:38 pm

I hit the buy now for a dollar on a big Mac lot up in Auckland that is pick up only. Is there a good home out there? I'm hoping it will go to a more contributive member of the vintage computer community as I advised them I would be giving it to
one of the museum collectors in Auckland, but I seem to have struck out on the takers I had in mind. The sellers were very excited to see it would all be going to a good cause.

Otherwise I'll be apologising and advising the sellers on how to get a better return from the lot from either a higher reserve/buy now, or listing some of the items individually to make a few hundred more (if money is a motivator for them).

In addition to the auction, there may also be a 20" Radius greyscale monitor and the NuBus video card that drives it (used with a IIfx).

Copy and paste of the description below:

Collection of Old Apple Macs

We are moving house and eldest son has returned home to rationalise his 'stuff'. Here is his description ...

My collection of old Macs has been languishing in the attic for a few years and really should go. I have one each of:
Beige G3
Power Mac 9600 with Sonnet G3 accelerator and CD writer
MultiSync 15av display
Classic II
SE/30 with Ethernet card

Also a bunch of keyboards, mice, assorted cables and manuals, a genuine Apple carrying case, and a box of spare internal hard discs.

All but the Classic were working perfectly when last used five years ago. I plugged them in and there appears to have been a bit of attrition while in storage – currently they are as follows:

G3: powers on, but no hard disc is installed
9600: boots into System 9.2.2, but appears to be unstable – the accelerator card may need re-seating
Display: powers on, good picture
Classic: no logic board installed, good for parts
Classic II: no startup chime, and screen shows vertical bars – bad power supply?
SE: boots into System 6, seems just fine
SE FDHD: "Sad Mac” error, codes 0000000E and 00005200 – bad logic board?
SE/30: no display or startup chime – bad power supply?

Looking at the failure types, I would imagine that some of them may be repairable, or a "Frankenstein’s Mac” could be cobbled together out of a couple of the broken ones, but I don’t have the time to do so. Or you could just make aquariums out of them. Your choice.
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