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486 VESA Motherboard+486 CPU+RAM+Video+Sound and more

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486 VESA Motherboard+486 CPU+RAM+Video+Sound and more

by Jeck » Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:35 am

486 VESA Motherboard and kit tested and working.


Package Includes:
1pcs. - 486 VESA Motherboard
1pcs. - Processor Intel i486SX 33Mhz
1pcs. - CPU Cooler
1pcs. - CPU Heatsink
8pcs. - RAM Simm 1Mb
1pcs. - ISA video card Cirrus Logic 512kb
1pcs. - ISA sound card AT931 Rev.C
1pcs. - ISA I/O board GoldStar Prime 2C
1pcs. - ISA Lan 60-600464-002 Rev.A SMC Ultra Chip
1pcs. - IDE cable
1pcs. - FDD cable 2x3.5 + 1x5.25

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I can also exchange all this for a desoldering station (Hakko 707, 808, 470/471, 474/475 and similar).
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