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A few NEC Versa Ultralight 486SL-25 parts

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:12 pm
by tezza

I'm aware that sometimes we throw out "junk" which may be exactly the part someone else has been looking for. With that in mind I'm just about to throw out an acid damaged (and cosmetically damaged) NEC Versa Ultralight 486SL-25 laptop (model PC-411-1511) which was passed to me. Amazingly it went. I've salavaged the 80MB Segate drive but am about to toss a:

    Working NEC Powerpack for the unit
    Working 8MB NEC memory card
    Keyboard in good condition.
    Floppy drive module
    Screen (this works well but a small piece of plastic around the base is detached (it could be glued back on)

Anywhoo if anyone wants any of the above please let me know otherwise it will be going to the recyclers next week. Cost: $5 beer money for my trouble plus postage or free to anyone who wants to call around.