Sad Macintosh LCII

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Sad Macintosh LCII

Postby recycled on Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:09 pm

Last week and a bit, I had a splurge on Trade Me. Two very cheap slimline Macs. A miss labled Quadra 605, many thanks Painterman, a great trade, and a defunct LC II from dr_sponge, also thanks! - (Is he here in Classic-Computers forum land?) I was going to scavenge a network card out of the LC for the Quadra.

The Quadra arrived, and at the weekend I replaced the battery, it goes a treat. Among the other things that were not described in the auction it had a network card. The LC arrived today, and since all I want from the LC is it's network card, the rest of this machine is up for free, (you may even convince me to part with the network card, it's a combo BNC/RJ45 part, as I said, the other machine has networking as one of it's many bonuses. I want $5 for the card to cover my initial outlay ;o). The remainder of the LC, has a 512kB VRAM SIMM (I'd like a partner for it to go in the Quadra, but failing that can you use it?) two 4MB non parity 30 pin SIMMs, one at 60ns one 70ns, nice shiny clean tin contacts. Mac ROM set. One Quantum 40MB SCSI Prodrive LPS, one Mac 1.4MB Floppy drive, both drives with suitable Apple cables. Speaker and PSU. Cooling fan has gone to electronics heaven. The mainboard has two rectangular crystals, one 25MHz, the other 31.3344MHz. It should be possible to desolder them for 'chipping' other projects, I have a use for the 25MHz one, or did have but a lot of stuff has been packed away to clean the house, same old story, just not enough space to spread the toys out! But as a warning, I may get to it this weekend. All the other chips on here if you are a desoldering-god. Case is nicely suntaned, but not uniformly. Would look great painted cherry red enamel, or bright granny smith green. (Too slim to even put a mini ITX in for you case modders out there). Computer appears to have been stored in a location with condensing moisture, ugly corrosion on most of the metal parts - only the bottom RF shield has escaped.

I've applied power, the PSU gets warm, the hard drive does not spin up, the fan does not turn. On turning the computer off, the speaker makes a small 'pop'. It's beyond my meagre abilities - or I don't care, the toy I was after works a treat, and while I should transfer the mainboard to the Quadra to check a known good PSU, I refer to the lack of interest in this donor machine. Happy to send parts you want or the whole shooting match for the price of postage.
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Re: Sad Macintosh LCII

Postby tezza on Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:57 pm

Thanks for posting. Although I'm "local" I'll pass on these. As you know I'm cramped enough in my little computer shack above the garage :) .

Someone might want the bits and pieces though.
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Re: Sad Macintosh LCII

Postby Carcenomy on Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:11 pm

Only part I'd be interested in is the Quantum ProDrive and cable... if you're parting it, that is?
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Re: Sad Macintosh LCII

Postby recycled on Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:25 pm

Carcenomy wrote:Only part I'd be interested in is the Quantum ProDrive and cable... if you're parting it, that is?

Yup, prepared to split the computer down to the shell. Unfortunately already gone is the network card, hard drive with relevant cables and the two 30pin SIMMs.
Just finished packaging them up this morning. Hopefully they'll be on their way to Wellingtown Monday morning.

Main board and VRAM is out and sitting on my server at the moment, floppy, PSU and case are under the desk still, but I expect that nobody wants the expense of postage to get these sent to them, so if no interest by Friday they'll go in the dumpster at work.
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