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Laptop Parts

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:43 pm
by SpidersWeb
Have just stripped down 3 fauly laptops for parts, models are:

Toshiba 430CDS (CDROM model, no floppy) Pentium 120 - had EDO memory upgrade card installed and PCMCIA modem.
Zenith SlimSport 286 - dead HDD, found the MB was soaked in battery acid from it's main battery (not the CMOS battery)
Arima Act 386SX-410 - 386SX/16 - hangs at VGA BIOS init, no obvious failures, even the original CMOS battery has not leaked an ounce.

Not in a hurry to get rid of them, just if someone need bits from them to fix another I wanted to let people know I have the bits.
I'd planned to keep the HDD/FDD from the Arima.