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Fresh on TradeMe

Postby Johnz49 on Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:32 pm

Hi - as indicated in my Y A N intro, I've listed several items.

An LC type power brick
Syquest drive and carts
DSE Analog-Digital interface
Mac Plus
IIe PDS emulator card
Apple IIGS system

A few more things to sort and add.

BTW - is there any sort of Apple software library in NZ that I can send some disks to and know that they will be made available to others? They may have a value but ... Some I have reg numbers for. Some not. Odd manual. e.g. EA's Deluxe Music Construction Set for Mac. Disk and manual. HyperStudio Mac disks only. Also plenty of copies of other programs. Just seems a shame to dump them.

Regards John
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Re: Fresh on TradeMe

Postby Johnz49 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:40 am

Have added the Apple IIe Broderbund Science Toolkit:

Also an Apple IIe prototyping card to come - great if you want to make your own "Science Toolkit" from the GND up! :wink:

There may well be more if I can bear parting with the Color Classic system etc. It all has big implications on keeping scores of 3.5 floppies, plus books, manuals etc. Once you are down to an Intel Mac running Lion, it is pretty much a divorce from the past.

Cheers John
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Re: Fresh on TradeMe

Postby SpidersWeb on Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:20 am

Exciting stuff, science kit looks awesome.

I'm eyeing up the PDS card. I'm hoping to have a working LC soon and I have boxes of Apple II disks to go through and test (but no Apple II).

As for parting with the Color Classic, anytime I sell something that I wasn't sure I wanted to sell, I've ended up regretting it.
On the other side, it means you can sell it before it starts to go bad and you have to whip out the soldering iron.
Hard choices.

I was watching the Computer Chronicles episode of the Color Classic the other day too.
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Re: Fresh on TradeMe

Postby Johnz49 on Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:40 pm

Have just added a boxed set of the Marathon Trilogy (Mac OS) and, for the Apple II historians, a set of A2-Central magazines. It's missing one for some reason but I must have it here somewhere as I know which Rick Tennant cartoon is missing from my collection. In a box somewhere...

I notice the lead article on the first mag is about the Apple High Speed SCSI card I've got in the IIGS closing tonight. It reports that the higher speed would allow up to 1 Mb per second on a IIGS. Woo-oh!

I also note that Molten Media are selling a bare IIGS closing Tuesday. I don't know if a part(s) from that would solve the startup issue with mine?

I'm still mulling over the Color Classic. I won a SCSI MO drive and disk which have yet to arrive - brain explosion on my part! I've found a possible Mac driver for the MO drive so want to test it all first. If I do sell, the system would comprise a Color Classic with max RAM, 150Mb HD, Apple IIe PDS card and 5.25 "D" Apple floppy drive, PDS ethernet card, external 500MB SCSI drive and Apple SCSI CDROM and cables and terminator, 5 boxes of 3.5 floppies, Apple StyleWriter 1200 - and the MO drive (working/not). The StyleWriter has a new refilled cart installed and a second refilled one plus the one I removed. Currently it is producing lined prints so some of the current carts nozzles need unblocking. I should have decided by tomorrow/Tuesday. The Classic needs a V-RAM SIMM. I might pop down to Molten Media and see if they have one.

My IIGS experience has certainly made me nervous about keeping old computers yet there is something special about having one that bridges the IIe and Macs.

Cheers John.
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