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Amstrad CPC titles for swap

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:38 pm
by YetiSeti
I have picked up a few games recently which were mostly doubles but I thought I might be able to swap them so if anyone has any Amstrad stuff at all they might like to swap (or sell) they are :
Pitman Typing Tutor
Electro Freddy
Roland In The Caves
Word Hang
Codename Mat
Wizards Lair
The Apprentice
Roland on the Ropes
Roland Goes Digging
Way of the Exploding Fist
(Colour copied/printed inlay, original tapes) Roland Goes Digging, Centre Court)

Re: Amstrad CPC titles for swap

PostPosted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:17 pm
by YetiSeti
replying to my own thread feels about the same as most conversations I have - with myself and in my head :?

I finally gave up, with the impossibility of finding Amstrad software in NZ, I bought a couple of items off ebay violating my 'NZ only collection' directive. Lesson learned - It's not economic!

One auction $5 for a tape (Super Gran) + $12.50 AUS postage ($11.50 postage, $1 seller charge - whatever that means)
Another auction for 16 tapes $42 + $28 AUS postage.

Well, I actually swapped the post address and sent to my sister in OZ who's coming over here in a while and saved about half on postage, but that still seemed pretty steep. $6.30+$1 for Super Gran, and $13 for the other lot. I thought it wouldn't be too expensive sending from OZ to here, but apparently so, even for small items and I'd be pretty sure I could send a single cassette tape to OZ for much much less than what it was quoted to send here. Within NZ, post anywhere it would have been $2 and $6.50 for comparison

I will update the header post with a couple more tapes now for swaps, but so far no takers on the initial post.

Re: Amstrad CPC titles for swap

PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:13 pm
by matsondawson
Interesting, it cost me $85 australian to send a vectrex here, and that would be like 200 tapes!

But Oz prices are ridiculous, not to mention U.S. prices. It may be something to do with trade imbalance though, more demand one way than the other.