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Re: PS/2 Musings

PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:51 pm
by Carcenomy
arjoll wrote:I suspect they would have dumped it or taken it to the e-days. If you're wanting a stockpile of old gear then Jensen Technical is the place, last time I was there he had a Mac 128k, Mac Plus and Mac SE sitting in the showroom under a pile of junk! Pretty impressive collection but very disorganised (and if you know Jens you know what I mean... and if Jens is here he knows what I mean too!).

I know 'zactly what you mean - last time I was in there getting my work notebook repaired I had a nosey around the showroom... three Amiga 500s, a IIe Platinum and an Amstrad PC of some flavor that I could spot, plus the Mac Plus that was obviously there last time you were in last too!

Excellent fix for the Dallas tezza! Always wondered how one replaces the battery in a Dallas type installation, an old NexGen based setup I had years ago was a Dallas and it baffled me at the time.