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The Gizzy Geeks Facebook page

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:25 am
by YetiSeti
I only found out about this facebook post after the event (Sunday 14th April) by the Gizzy Geeks group (never heard of them till now) - on

"Jeff Golding
Come and experience some retro computers of times gone by at the East Coast Museum of Technology Live day this Sunday 14th April!! If you want to experience the immense processor power of a C64 or Amstrad, save the lives of a few Lemmings on an Amiga 500 or try out Peter Moore's somewhat newer Raspberry Pie, come on down!

Kris, bring along a screwdriver if ya want to find out what that all-in-one mystery machine is..

I think there's some people here well worth connecting up with, especially for anyone in that part of the island.