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NZ Computer & Video Game Museum

Postby MarkBarlow on Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:25 pm

Hey everyone, we are working on establishing a Computer and Video Game Museum in the Wyndham Quarter in Auckland.
Check out our Facebook page and Like us @
And please consider contributing to our crowd funding campaign for the seed capital @
We need to build momentum so please don't wait to contribute as everyone one else will wait as well if you do!
Every contributor goes in the draw to attend a lunch with Woz (Steve Wozniak - co-founder of Apple) and the launch party!

We are considering several spaces between 1,000m2 and 2,500m2.

The Museum will include...
- A full restoration workshop that members will have access to on member evenings / weekends.
- A cafe / Bar.
- Open exhibition spaces with interactive displays.
- Themed rooms with double layer glass walls with exhibits inside. The inner wall will have an electrochromic film allowing the room to be made private with the flip of a switch while still allowing the exhibits to be viewed from outside.

Possible NZ oriented exhibits might include...
- Poly's
- NZ Games and Game Consoles
- Key NZ figures in the history of computing...

Collectors will be able to loan pieces for specific exhibits and receive a % of the revenue generated.

Any other ideas / feedback or contributions would be most appreciated.
Mark :-)
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Re: NZ Computer & Video Game Museum

Postby MarkBarlow on Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:11 pm

3-October NZ Computer Museum PR Release
Ambitious Auckland waterfront tourism attraction signs first of many sponsors.

With plans being drawn and funding applications being pursued, Mark Barlow’s vision of a Silicon Valley style “New Zealand Computer Museum” is edging closer to reality.
The New Zealand Computer Museum is proud to announce that Tomizone has become its first corporate sponsor for Wi-Fi and associated services.
“We believe this is an exciting project that will be a major attraction for both locals and visitors. We look forward to helping them make this project a reality.” said Steve Simms CEO of Tomizone.
“It’s great that Tomizone has embraced our vision and come on board. We have a number of other discussions underway and will be announcing further sponsorships shortly.” said Mark Barlow spokesman for the New Zealand Computer Museum.
Tomizone was founded in 2006 and is the largest Wi-Fi enabler in Australasia. The company is continuing to embark on its global Wi-Fi strategy and its founders are based in Auckland.
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Re: NZ Computer & Video Game Museum

Postby YetiSeti on Thu Nov 21, 2013 1:04 pm ... sarah-putt

from 10"00' - 13"09' Sarah Putt talking about the NZ Silicon Valley style C&VG (not to be confused with the mag) Museum
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