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Emulating vintage hardware, on vintage hardware

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:14 am
by xjas
For fun I stuck the very last DOS version of CCS64 (2.0b, ~2001) and the latest DOS VICE (current!) on my P233 MMX. I'm really impressed with how well this thing does! Gaming is no problem, was quickly running my old favourites at full framerate without any issues. VICE choked initially on Wonderland XII by Censor Design - the most complicated thing I could think to throw at it - but with some tweaking of settings I got it to go acceptably, though it still slows down in parts.

CCS on the other hand is extremely fast and responsive, but it's old enough that it doesn't support some of the more insane new hacks and effects the C64 community have developed. It won't run Wonderland XII or Coma Light 13, but I tried some ca. 2008 graphical demos which it did great with. It chewed through the infamous 3D part in Edge of Disgrace like nothing. I seem to remember getting nowhere NEAR full framerate in that on the 1.4 GHz Athlon XP(?) machine that was my primary gaming rig until a couple years ago.

Amazing how much raw horsepower the move to GUIs and multitasking ate up. DOSUAE is demanding a mouse, which I don't have on this machine, but I'll be trying that soon. I vaguely remember having semi-decent results emulating an A500 under DOS on my old 5x86 back in the day.

Anyone have other reccomendations for things I could try? Looks like there are some decent MSX emulator options for DOS too. Wonder if I can get it to do a Yamaha CX7M with working MIDI and FM? 8)

Re: Emulating vintage hardware, on vintage hardware

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:12 am
by Gibsaw
Depends how well the emulator is written. I used to run the Apple II emulator APPLEPC (hand coded assembly) on a 12MHz 286 and it was still much quicker than the real machine.

Re: Emulating vintage hardware, on vintage hardware

PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:07 am
by xjas
Still haven't been able to try DOSUAE but I think the emulator I used to use back in the day was Fellow. Tried it for a bit last night; it's a little limited but on A500 OCS/ECS stuff it runs great, 50 FPS full framerate all day long. Annoyingly it only works in 320x200 on my video chip which means I lose a bit off the bottom of an Amiga 320x256(?) screen, but you can't win everything. [ EDIT: Forgot to load UniVBE! Tried that and several new video modes magically showed up in the menu. 400x300 @ 16-bit colour is perfect. Desert Dream had a few minor glitches but still better than watching a 25fps Youtube rip full of MPEG compression artifacts. :mrgreen: ]

Also booted to BASIC on my fake MSX2 but I don't have any roms as I don't know much about the system. Any reccomendations? Gfx/sound stuff, demos, games...