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An Interesting Apple clone

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:51 pm
by RonTurner
this evening while going through my hoard (The dead computer section) I managed to get an Apple clone working
by swapping out the PSU, its labelled IMC-640E

An interesting thing that caught my eye was that there is a 6502 CPU and right next to it is a Z80 CPU so its Dual CPU
and 64K ram, the other thing was the OS is on 4 eproms in Card form.

Its ugly, weighs a tonne in a big steel case, and has an external Keyboard (also labeled IMC) and two internal drives (hence the weight)

No brand names, but it does run on a Sundox PSU, made in Tiawan as it happens.

There is also a spare motherboard for it which makes me wonder why word Z80 has been scrapped of the CPU on this one.

Does anyone know anything about these ? im not saying its an amazing find or anything, just the first time I have seen
both Z80 and 6502 on an Apple (clone) and the Z80 is not on a Card.

At first glance the motherboard arrangement looks like Apple 2 without the Apple 2e Keyboard socket, but there are 8 x 64 bit RAMS
meaning its an Apple 2e clone.

There is also another card installed that has a Quartz Crystal, an IC labelled HD-6845-SP & HD46505SP and about a dozen descrete logic IC's.
which I believe is a display driver ? but no wires coming off it (there is a two pin header, not attached to anything), I got picture
through composite.

The computer greets you with "HELLO" instead of "APPLE ][", overall the computer looks more PC desktop than Apple 2 genre.

Re: An Interesting Apple clone

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:51 pm
by tezza
Yes, I had heard of these dual processor Apple clones from someone else. Essentially the same as an Apple II+ (or maybe IIe) with a Z80 softcard. Two computers in one as it could run Apple DOS and CP/M.