Nice little bonus...

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Nice little bonus...

Postby xjas on Sun Sep 28, 2014 5:55 pm

I won another 4U rack-mount case on Trademe for a song from a scrap metal place. It was advertised as 'case and power supply', but when I picked it up it looked like there was a system installed. The guy said it didn't work (probably so he wouldn't have to warranty it.)

Got it home and it works 100% fine. The PSU was dead but big deal - standard 300W ATX unit just like the three others I had kicking around. Turned out to be a dual P3/1000 on an Asus CUV4X-D mainboard, with Adaptec SCSI card, dual ethernet, and an AGP ATI Rage Pro (w/S-Video and composite out) installed. Not bad! The board is pretty nice - has a ton of options for FSB speed, five PCI slots with PnP IRQs assignable in the BIOS, real serial & parallel ports, great layout, AGP4X, and since it's server-grade it has *no* onboard sound or video, which I consider a 'plus'. If only it had a couple of ISA slots...

It's pristine too. Just a little dust-off and it looks brand new.

Not sure what to do with this thing; I was going to mount my other Advantech SBC+ISA backplane setup in the case (P266MMX) but that one was acting flakey anyway. I think I'll keep it as-is. I threw in a C-Media PCI sound card & HDD and have it working as a (way-)overpowered DOS system right now.

Honestly how much slower would this be than the Centrino Duo @ 1GHz in my laptop? I'm thinking to throw in 4GB of PC133 and the best AGP card I can find and seeing how it does with a modern OS. I wanted an expandable desktop for music editing...
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Re: Nice little bonus...

Postby Carcenomy on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:46 pm

Very similar to my old timey gaming rig - mine's an ASUS P2B-D with dual 550 Katmais, 512MB RAM, Adaptec AHA2940UW SCSI, GeForce256 and an SB Live.

These old beasts are pretty mean really... good ol' fashioned SMP. But no, it has no scratch on a Centrino Duo ;)
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