Storage questions?

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Storage questions?

Postby glc on Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:55 pm

I just wondered how you other collectors/hoarders out there stored your treasures ...

Where do you store them ? and if you have , say 100+ ?

What do you store them in ? plastic bin, cardboard carton, plastic wrap ? or other?
Do you unsolder any internal batteries?

and what about oversize/odd shape ones like the TRS-80 model IIIor IV ?

do you store the peripherals with the main unit ( eg a monitor that has a connector specific to the keyboard)
what about software, manuals etc which can take lot of space by themselves?

do you take them out of storage on semi-regular intervals to power them up and check them ?
(some components can deteriorate with lack of use)
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Re: Storage questions?

Postby SpidersWeb on Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:45 pm

These are a godsend: ... KU=1778852
Well, when they're on special.

Anything that can fit in those, is stored in those. My collection is mostly PC based, but those are fantastic for software, accessories, 8 bit style home machines etc
For me I have 4 main storage locations, inside, garage, storage unit and an area under our house (for us it's walk in and dry/warm - no computers there though).

Inside the house I keep a small selection of my favourites / most used. In the garage I keep enough bits for testing or any projects I might decide to do or any project I'm currently working on. Everything I'm unlikely to need or want to use in the next few weeks stays in the storage unit. When I want another machine to use from storage, I use a 'take one bring one' system to prevent too many systems from ending up back in the house. I recently had a cut down of machines in the house because we had to make one room in to a nursery.

Another trick I use for storage is for parts, but would also apply to many early home computers as well, and that's using old clothes drawers. Guests need not know if it's full of socks or Commodores, and it doubles as a bench/work area. For CRTs or awkward shaped machines I don't have a good solution yet - mostly I use "under desk" space and shelves.
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Re: Storage questions?

Postby Gibsaw on Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:22 am

99% of the time, I use the perroplas ones. (They're sometimes also sold under a house brand at Mitre10.

The underbed ones will fit an Apple II, plus two disk drives, plus some misc like powercords, software etc. The larger ones will fit a monitor, plus "other" miscellania. I have yet to find one that can reliably fit two vintage monitors

They're not airtight, but you can work with silica gel, and it was reasonably important to have a related size in the full size and the large underbed size - that will stack together nicely.
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