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All your base are belong to us

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:09 am
by garyc2014
Hello !

Hi my name is Gary and I have been splitting my time between N. Ireland and NZ the last few years (I have both UK and NZ residency), I'm just back from Auckland a few weeks ago :( but hopefully heading back out for 6 months in Feb - Have to get down to Nelson this time to catch up with a few peeps!!!! - I have a bad habit of landing in Auckland and then going nowhere lol is a long flight :)

Anyways I stumbled across this excellent site on last weekends random retro surf ! So I am just here to say a big hello to all you retro folks...gotta love Terrys excellent YT vids and have started to read the magazine scans ! - very interesting

I love all things retro computing wise but especially the C64 and Amiga as those were the machines I grew up with(done hobbyist assembly on both) which ultimately led me to a career in IT, although I don't find IT as exciting now as those groundbreaking Amiga days, although I do enjoy Linux

Some day I *will* start a collection, I have the space but not the time at the minute, I'm really drawn to start with the BBC machines (We used these in School back in the day) and it is only now in my more advanced years lol that I can appreciate just how advanced the architecture of these machines were.

Enough of my inane ramblings and hello once again and I look forward to a bit of chat !

PS are there any Retro meets or museums in NZ ?


Re: All your base are belong to us

PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:38 pm
by tezza
Hi Gary and welcome to the forums.

Thanks for the nice words about the videos. No meets that I know of planned although one or two have been organised in the past through this forum. Quite a few members from Auckland are members.

Mind you this may not be the only retro-computer forum operating, so just because they are not mentioned on here doesn't mean they are not happening. Some of the machine-specific ones may have the odd meet.

Anyway, good to have you on board.

Edit: There is at least one event happening this month