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Introduce yourself. Tell people why you are interested in vintage computers and what (if anything) you've got.

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Postby David H1131 on Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:10 pm


I have been collecting stuff for years. been using pc's since i paid $3300 for a used 8088 Amber screen way back when.
I have found in my cleaning a few oldish computers and some parts as well I will check what's what and list here. Some works, some don't

The List
15 AMD Athalon/Semperon Socket A Processors
13 PIII /Celeron of various speeds
A Creative Labs PC-DVD Card CT 7120
A S3Trident 64VVideo card
A S3 virge H1C3DD
A Super TC 100 Mobo with an AMD K6 2/500AFX Socket 7

A Compaq Armarda 7800 Laptop. PII Needs original win95 OS reinstalling. Even the Battery works.

A HP 8100 with 80 megs of EDO Ram a Voodoo 2 3dfx card a Yamaha sound card running win 98 Second Edition (I still have the original HDD with win 95 on it)

A 486 DX2 66 overdrive CPU in a PIII Mobo with 30 megs of mixed 30 pin Sim and EDO ram was running AL 486 rev 1 Phoenix Bios isa 486 mobo. Triident Tvga8900c video card And a SoundBlaster 16 isa full length card And an ISA HDD controller

A HP Pavillion 7400 Pentium 200 80 megs RAM running XP Pro

Oh and the Imac blue bubble thing runs sort of
and a Mac G2 not running

A HP D390 ver3 Blade Server 3.5gig DDR2 ECC Ram 2x150gig ultra wide 2 scsi drives and 2x60 gig I think this has all of a sudden decided to not boot. My ears are happy about that.

I have been informed by She who must be obeyed that I have too much stuff.
So I have to prune All is up for any reasonable offer

David H
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