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113) Andreas Kohlbach 
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 11:27 AM Host: Send E-mail

Hello Terry,

I recently discovered your web series. Nice. smile

I would like to note some things though. The volume is sometimes too low; you could speak little louder. Also that it would be nice to add some video clips of that time. Like ads or reports about the then new computer you are reviewing.

For the Sinclair QL you mentioned though it has multitasking. Correct, but it was also the first commercially available computer that had it, predating the Amiga by more than a year.

There is also a nice video I recommend from 1983 or so where a young Bill Gates talks about the MSX computers (did you ever make an episode of these?). And then a quite arrogant Clive Sinclair bitching about Gates and that Sinclair had the UK market on his grasp, with no chance Microsoft could get a larger share. Then he sais it gets even better, since the Sinclair QL was just around the corner. Well that didn't work. But nice witness of time. I could try to locate this video (runs about 20 minutes) if interested.

And for the Osborne. As far as I know they didn't go bust because others had similar devices but with larger screens. Rather than he announced the Executive too early, wasn't able to get it on the shelves, and people canceled Osborne 1 orders. It became to be known as the "Osborne Effect" <>

Terry Send E-mail Monday, 25 January 2016 03:42 PM
Thanks for those comments Andreas,

Yes, I'd be the first to admit the sound is bElow par on some of the videos. If I'd realised how popular they would be I would have paid more attention to it.

Yes, I have reviewed an MSX computer, the Spectravideo 728. Nice machine.

Re the Osborne effect. Yes there are lots of references to this. Not all agree to it's importance in the demise of the company though, with some people feeling that Osborne was in trouble anyway, simply being outclassed by Kaypro at the time.

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